pondělí 31. července 2017

News in distro summertime sadness 2017


Mytrip – Filament 12“ LP
Dark ambient from Bulgaria, from the beginning a little bit dirty, but then slowly evolves into electrobeats https://mytrip.bandcamp.com
Nac/Hut Report – Grey Zone Collapse Nostalgia CD
The new album of our Polish friends, according to reviews more depressive avantgarde noise pop , that means when Swans are collaborating with Forgotten Tomb and playing the songs of Josephine Baker!
Hidden Persuaders - Flowers Of the Abyss – atmospheric/ ritual drone / experimental / black metal from Norway on the murmuring tape, you must admit that it makes sense
Noční Provoz - Mare nostrum ignis est – industrial/ambient/poetry CD
Festa Desparado – Alergie 7” reviving history, moreover notcool kids are said to listen this!
Interpunkce s/t– not new, but on the tape again!
Plague Called Humanity – Disconnection CD
Czech webzine echoes doesn't like this, because it is too electronic-violent, so you will probably love it!

every moment (means more than a plan!):

Extended Suicide + NoLL iQ Split 7" collab with Vleesklak Records, Glass To The Face Records, Cold Youth Records a Let The Bastards Grind – already released,but drunk Swedish punx are usually not able to find a post office in the period of two weeks :-D
Usnu? - Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - harsh noise/power electronics collab – the tape is in process by Erik (Spálená ramena zine) , will be ready on FFUD fest!

úterý 25. července 2017

Pravěkfest VI

Pravěkfest VI
6. - 8. 10. 2017

The 6th annual benefit DIY festival Pravěkfest will be held from the 6th to the 8th of October 2017! Every year we get a little bit bigger, all thanks to your interest – this time 3 days and 2 stages! On the band stage, you will experience many different genres each day, but all connected with the element of extreme music, and all sharing DIY/anti-mainstream principles. Friday is dedicated to doom and black metal, Saturday belongs to hardcore, punk, crust, grind and even gore, and on Sunday we finally move to an experintmental and alternative sound. The Freetekno stage will be located parallel to the band one, and will be managed by our friends Olgoj Chorchoj Sound System and The Prostory Revival! You can enjoy all of this in the huge and atmospheric Eternia/Underdogs club, led by great people that love the music you do too! 

Bands/ Djs:

Máma Bubo – new wave/alternative
Victims of Classwar (DE) – black metal/crust
Hure (DE) – harsh noise-electro-powerviolence
Jackson Fight (FRA) – fastcore
Škoda 120 - grindcore/fastcore
OR – noise rock
6MAS – crust as fuck
Smuteční Slavnost -black metal/shoegaze
Afterlife – neocrust/blackened hardcore
Amoclen - grindcore
Drén – harsh noise
Pray For Death - crust/death metal
LEZOK – unorthodox black metal
Menstrual Soup - grindcore
Yamabushi – new wave/alternative/industrial
Bambulkyně Dobrudružstvá – chrocht'n'roll pissover
Plague Called Humanity - EBM hardcore
USNU? - harsh noise/rock'n'roll
Lhostejnost – drone doom
Ejakulující Kokos – hawai cococore/demented gore grind
Mario The Shoomer – guttural beatdown punk
DJane Aisling - ebm, darkwave, deathrock, post-punk...
The Prostory Revival - acid experimental
Kabarga – acid/electro experimental 
Olgoj Chorchoj Sound System - Abalkin, Šišoun, Bullrot 

Decorations by Markar

After covering our costs, donations will be given to Food Not Bombs organization – the admission is voluntary, but we recommend to give 6E per day, after giving 11 E you will be given an armlet for all 3 days!
Pravěk is a project of an independent DIY literary movement that helps mostly young authors with releasing their art without waiting in the line of “unsolicited” writers and without groveling in the front of commercial publishers. DIY or die! 

pondělí 10. července 2017

úterý 4. července 2017

Archa Bláznů - Fluff fest stage

„People cannot be prevented from losing their minds...
...it is possible not to feel the pain...but to despise the pain means to despise a life!”

A minor stage at international Fluff fest promoted by Pravěk Noise Section, focused mainly on the dark and unpopular music genres, especially drone, dark ambient, noise, gloomy deathindustrial and powerelectronics. 


Aether (drone/ambient/elektro black metal, GER)
A howling from the dark tombs, an authentic desperate journey across the universe of the above mentioned genres!

Kluizenaer aka KLZNR (dark ambient/harsh electronics, GER)
This anti-clerical and pro-vegan harsh drone noisy lavage will allows us to dig the dead bodies shaft even under an airfield!

Pachuka (dark ambient/alternative/experimental, CZE)
Roaring ambient arcades, rumbling noises on the borderline of silence and finally the melancholic dark tunes of a trumpet or even some other acoustic instrument - so the lunacy begins.

Lhostejnost (drone-doom, CZE)
A drone so heavy and standstill, that cannot fall on you to kill you, so the deliverance won't come. For about half an hour you will force the inevitable nothingness. But please, don't forget not to applause!

July 23th 2017
The area of Fluff fest – Rokycany airfield, within the Underdogs' stage

Dedicated to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Ivan Balaďa

sobota 3. června 2017

 festival of experimental audio-visual arts
Castle Jelšava, Slovakia

21th-23th July 2017  

Hradby Samoty (Walls of Solitude) is a festival which focuses on audiovisual projects from genres such as dark ambient, dark folk, drone, industrial and noise. The idea of the festival is to join these genres with the mysterious atmosphere of monuments marked by the ravages of time.
In our latitudes this subculture is mainly a matter of clubs, so you may ask how these monuments are related to this kind of art. Historical monuments are the bearers of a long past and their often melancholy atmosphere inspires very strong emotions – just as visual art full of mysterious and surprising sounds, accompanied by theatrical elements and sinister visuals does.
If such a „teatro ambienti tenebrae“ is set in the captivating atmosphere of an old castle at night, the final effect is even more impressive.